No company climbed further up the Houston Chronicle’s Top Workplaces 2021 list than NAI Partners, which ranked 12th among small companies, up from 43rd last year. This is the company’s 4th straight year appearing on the Top Workplaces list.

This makes NAI Partners the top commercial real estate workplace in all of Houston, and one of only four in our industry (Colliers, Lincoln, Midway were the other three) to make the list out of 175 companies across all industries.

Top Workplaces

Per the Houston Chronicle:

“NAI Partners, headquartered in Houston, has offices in San Antonio and Austin and closes more than 700 commercial lease and sale arrangements a year. Instead of cutting back and laying off workers as the pandemic advanced, NAI Partners charged ahead and focused on its long-term play: growth. Managing Partner Jon Silberman said NAI Partners won points with its employees for keeping eyes on the future in a time when other firms were retreating. He spoke to the Houston Chronicle about how the company became a better workplace under challenging circumstances.”

Among the questions included:

Houston Chronicle: How did you do it? How did you score so well with your employees?

Jon Silberman: We’ve worked intentionally harder at culture. We always worked pretty hard on it. But I think given the circumstances of 2020, the pandemic, we were even more intentional to make sure that we were trying to do everything we could to keep our people happy and engaged and productive during a time when it was challenging.

Please click here to read the full Q&A with Jon.

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