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partnersrealestate.com is among first in commercial real estate to integrate Generative AI Search

Houston, TX – June 27, 2024 – Partners Real Estate is pleased to announce the launch of Generative AI search functionality on www.partnersrealestate.com, making Partners among the first in the commercial real estate industry to offer a personalized, context-aware and conversational search experience on its company website. The feature is located in the bottom righthand corner of the site.

Partners’ AI-powered search function is designed to revolutionize the way clients interact with the company’s home on the web by understanding and answering more intuitive, natural language queries—substantially improving the ability of its website users to find precisely what they may be looking for.

For example, were one to search for “find a Houston Office Tenant Rep broker,” Generative AI will guide users directly to a link containing our roster of Office Tenant Rep brokers. In contrast, the site’s native search functionality—which will remain in the upper right corner of the site for the time being—returns previous research reports in its results for the same query.

Larry Koestler, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Partners Real Estate, commented on the new integration, stating, “At Partners, we are constantly exploring and evaluating the newest AI tools—tools that are evolving on a daily basis. Our integration of Generative AI within our website is part of our broader strategy to not just keep pace with technology, but to leverage it in a way that continuously raises the already high bar of service excellence we deliver to our clients. This is about more than just staying current; it’s about leading the way in the industry.”

The Generative AI search functionality is available for use now and is expected to become a cornerstone of the digital experience offered by Partners. It underscores the company’s dedication to innovation and its foresight in adopting technologies that anticipate and fulfill the evolving needs of its clientele.

For more information about the new Generative AI search tool and other services offered by Partners Real Estate, please visit www.partnersrealestate.com.