If you are one of the thousands of small to medium office, industrial and retail building owner/users or NNN lease tenants who are responsible for and/or lease-obligated to provide for as well as oversee all the various facility management-related services at your building or facility – then our Facilities Services offering is for you.

Think about the facilities services that an owner/user or a NNN-lease tenant obligated themselves to deal with in addition to trying to conduct their business.

These services include:

HVAC Maintenance and Repairs, Elevator Maintenance, Roof Repairs and Maintenance, General Property Repairs, Janitorial/Carpet Cleaning/Window Washing, Landscaping, Trash Removal, Pest Control, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Electrical, Security Contracting, and more.

What if there was one place where all of these services can be made available for your facilities’ needs?


In addition to those – there are even larger facility management-related opportunities to “Add-Value” to your operation’s bottom-line. Services that require an expert to handle but can certainly bring about significant cost savings for you and your firm.

Services like:

  • Operating Expense Audits (for the NNN-leased Tenants)
  • Property Tax Consulting
  • Electricity Contract Procurement
  • Utility Company Coordination
  • Property Insurance Procurement
  • Capital Improvement Coordination/ Construction Management.

Its benefits to your company:

  • Clients get a Single Point of Contact
  • Proven Facility Service Contracting Knowledge
  • “Best Practice” Expertise
  • Competitive Pricing for Facility Services
  • Cost Savings and/or Strategic Redeployment of Client’s FTE Time
  • Annual contract pays for itself through value-added services and operational cost savings realized.


Scope of Services Offered

  • “Primary Service” Offering. Oversight, bidding, and coordination of all required or lease-obligated facility management-related services.
  • “Full Service” Offering. All the “Primary Service” offering entails (see above) plus annual budgeting, payment of invoices and financial reporting of all required or lease-obligated facility management-related services.
    • Services can include HVAC, elevator, parking lot, and roof maintenance; general property repairs, janitorial, landscaping, trash, pest control, fire protection, plumbing, electrical, window washing, carpet cleaning, and security contracting.
  • “Value-Add” Services. “A la carte” menu of one-time services include Lease Negotiation Representation, Construction Project Management, CAM Audits, R/E Tax Consulting, Energy Contract, and Property Insurance Procurement.

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